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FITO Bluetooth Receiver


FITO Bluetooth Receiver
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It’s brilliant.
What if you have a nice set of speakers that you want to try your fave tunes on but your playlist is on your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Cell Phone/Handset? There is only one cool gadget you need to complete your sound experience: a FITO portable bluetooth music receiver. Even if your speakers are great but it takes a while before you can sync every piece of your music devices with it (like your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Cell Phone/Handset/laptop), then it is somewhat of a letdown, don’t you think? But with the FITO Bluetooth Music Receiver, you can relish every song from your iTunes to every corner of your living room or bedroom by hooking up your speakers with a Bluetooth music receiver.

With the FITO Bluetooth Music Receiver, you can easily beam tunes from your music device equipped with Bluetooth to your regular speakers. Setting up this Bluetooth-enabled music receiver is a breeze. All you need to do is to plug the device to your speakers. Then, pair a Bluetooth-enabled device with it, like an iPhone, iPad, or laptop. Pairing is also fairly simple and it doesn’t take more than a few seconds.

The blinking LED light indicates that it’s ready for pairing with your music device, such as an MP3 player or an iPhone. After that, you’re good to go anytime and anywhere within reach of your speakers.

FITO Bluetooth Music Receiver is a portable Bluetooth-based music receiver that simply enables you to wirelessly play, listen and control all your favorite media from your iPod touch, iPhone or MP3 player through your home stereo or speakers.

Simply connect the receiver to your home stereo system with the included cables, and then pair your device to the receiver. Stream wirelessly to listen to, share, and control your music from up to 33 feet away. The Bluetooth Music Receiver uses Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR to provide you with high fidelity and premium sound.

Play Your Music Through Your Home Stereo—Wirelessly
Now you can play your iPod touch or iPhone music through your home stereo or stand-alone speakers—wirelessly. You’ll get stereo sound and the ability to control your playlist directly from your device from the comfort of your couch.

Convenient and portable
Enjoy the convenience of portability by taking the FITO Bluetooth Music Receiver anywhere you go.

Control Bluetooth devices over AV
Share, control and listen to your favorite playlist or podcasts wirelessly using the FITO Bluetooth Music Receiver through your home-theater AV receiver or powered speakers using the 3.5mm audio cable. Stream directly to an existing stereo, a friend’s home entertainment center, or even in the car.

Charge via USB / Long-life battery

In case you're running out of juice, no cumbersome power supply is needed to charge the unit. Simply connect it to a USB powered device and start streaming your favorites over the air. With up to 6 working hours, you'll have more than enough battery to keep your tunes playing all day long, no matter where you are.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Effect
Are you worrying about the high cost of the Bluetooth speaker? FITO Bluetooth music receiver, it gives you a Hifi stereo sound effect, enjoying your music in the real home theater. With low distortion rate chipset module, it can maximum playback the music in the real original tune, even place it in the big stereo speaker unit, the performance is amazing.


  • Features Bluetooth® v2.0 with EDR for superior wireless performance
  • Transmits up to 33 feet(10meters) away
  • Compatible with all devices enabled with A2DP stereo Bluetooth®
  • Works with the speaker which has 3.5mm line-in jack and play music from Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile phone and other Bluetooth A2DP audio devices.
  • 3.5mm line-in jack allows you to play other external audio sources, such as MP3, MP4 etc.
  • Powered by 5V DC
  • Optional embedded battery (250mA)


  • Compact design
  • Works with the speaker, which has 3.5mm, line-in jack and play music from Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile phone and other Bluetooth A2DP audio devices.
  • 3.5mm line-in jack allows you to play other external audio sources, such as MP3, MP4 etc.


  • FITO Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • MicroUSB to USB cable
  • USB Wall Charger
  • 3.55mm jack to 2 RCA output cable
  • Manual